Ecoboost cam phaser tsb

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The cam phasers on the 3V 4.6L engines can also tend to be noisy, producing a light knocking sound at idle.This is normal, Ford says. But if the noise is excessive (under 1,200 rpm) or there are cam-related fault codes, the problem may be a bad variable cam timing phaser that needs to be replaced.

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Phasers/solenoids, cam chains and sprockets, tensioners. My exhaust and intake cams weren't mirroring, if I recall my exhaust cams were staying at 0 degrees while the intake would swing to almost 50 As for the pin hole, there is a drain hole in the middle section of the exhaust that looks like a leak when its cold, but it isn't.

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Certain 2017-2020 model year f-150 equipped with a 3.5l gtdi engine powertrain control module reprogram for cam phaser rattle in some of the affected vehicles, an undesirable noise may develop from the cam phasers in the 3.5l gtdi engine. Discuss it at Forum. TSB Number: 21N03 NHTSA Number: 10189762 TSB Date: March 2, 2021 Date Added to File ...

This is a cam phaser timing chain repair. I just turned 80,000 on my 2018 Screw. First timing cam phaser replacement at 22,000. Second one I had at 47,000 mikes. Since then it's been ok. The key to this issue is the oil level. Keep your oil full at all times. Low oil in these 3.5 tt ecoboost engines even a quart low is a real problem.